Top 10 Low Glycemic Foods For Acne


Our faces reveal plenty of our personalities. It’s everyone’s desire to have a glowing and a bright face. It is due to this reason that there are some products today to help one achieve this desire. There are hundreds of these over the counter products that will aid in enhancing the facial glow and brightness. However, the majority of these creams are not approved and have worse side effects of which acne is one.

Acne is a skin problem, but it has a devastating effect. It can lower one’s self-esteem and wreck one`s confidence and if not properly treated can leave one with a generation scar on one`s face. It is even worse to note that inadequate and insufficient acne treatment can worsen it. It is therefore very imperative to seek the right acne treatment that will eliminate it entirely. This will not only remove it but will also ensure that it will not re-appear again.

The goodness of Low Glycemic foods for acne

A great way of dealing with acne is through the uptake of low glycemic quantity diets. I`m sure majority have come across the Acne No More program designed and developed by Mike Walden. Mike provides in his program a complete guide on how to handle and eliminate acne. In his program, he greatly encourages the consumption of low glycemic foods especially to those with acne problems. He offers this from experience since he once suffered from acne. Among his many recommendations are the Low glycemic foods. In this article, we shall analyze how low glycemic foods are perfect for acne and also review the top ten low glycemic foods for acne.

It is important to understand that some foods can worsen acne. The primary reprobates are those excessively greasy and high in carbs. Eating foods high in glycemic will worsen your acne status and might never disappear. There is the Glycemic index determined by the type of foods we eat. It is a ranking of carbs within the range of zero to a hundred and is based on how much these foods elevate the blood sugar level once taken.

Food with a value below 55 are considered to be with low-GI and those above 70 are termed to be with high-GI. These foods increase the blood sugar levels since they are digested quickly and can lead to increased acne flare-ups. This is because the impaled insulin levels will tend to elevate the body`s inflammation reaction which can only mean acne inflammations. It is due to this reason that eating low Glycemic foods is highly encouraged especially for acne patients. These foods will not only do away with acne but will also help in minimizing its re-appearance.

The top ten low glycemic foods for acne

The following is a vivid description of the top ten low glycemic foods as recommended by Mike Walden in his book that will help one do away with acne.


1. Food rich in Vitamin A

In skin formation, vitamin A plays a critical role, and just enough of it is a significant boost more so to people with Acne. It is important to learn that even most of those Acne medicines and creams are made using Vitamin A. Its sources are sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash, and mangoes among others.

Study-unlocks-lycopene-s-heart-health-benefits2. Lycopene

Also an excellent antioxidant and prevents the skin from damage caused by free radicals due to acne inflammations. Mostly found in tinned tomatoes, soups, and from home-made pasta sauces.

Vitamin E3. Vitamin E

Another necessary food supplement and a powerful antioxidant that helps in preventing premature aging and promotes bright and glowing skin. The body cannot produce this, and we get it from the food that we eat. Mostly found in fruits and vegetable, olive oil, wheat germ and in many nuts.

3omega3_7504. Omega 3 fatty acids

Food rich in omega three fatty acids helps the skin to appear more healthy and with no inflammations. Acne patients need to eat portions of oily fish on a weekly basis for maximum results. Supplements rich in omega three fatty acids include; tuna, salmon, and sardines

selenium_iStock-585x3185. Selenium

As we all know, acne inflammations can cause damage to elastin and collagen. Selenium is an excellent antioxidant mineral that preserves elastin and protects the skin from damage and keeps it tight n smooth. Found in both salt and freshwater fish, Brazil nuts, brown rice, poultry, and wheat germ.

Chicken26. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 Helps acne through the reduction of skin inflammation. It also enhances the skin ability to work as a protective barrier. Found in oily fish, chicken, mushrooms, turkey, broccoli, kale, beans, peanuts and cereal.

shutterstock_157949615_cmedit-676x4507. Zinc

For faster skin renewal, zinc is the best alternative. Above all, it protects the cell membranes and regulates the sebaceous oil gland activity which is a significant cause of acne. Always, try not to go for supplements but rather go for the foods that contain these essential products. Sources of zinc include; soybeans, lobsters, crab, skinless turkey and chicken, clams, oysters, lean bean, mussels, yogurt, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and wheat germ

monounsaturated_fat8. Monounsaturated fatty acids

These are important in that they lower cholesterol, protect the heart and most importantly wage war on acne inflammations. The Monounsaturated fatty acids also have copper and iron that protect against free radicals. They are also responsible for the production of collagen that enhances skin elasticity. Their sources include; seeds, nuts, and avocados

orangerot9. Vitamin C

A natural antioxidant and is majorly needed for joint and collagen health, for well-functioning blood vessels as well as for inflamed acne reduction. It also aids in minimizing the severity of a scar after acne through the production of new collagen in the skin. Its primary source is from citrus fruits.

chocolate_625x350_8143434650710. Chocolate

Chocolate especially the dark one is an excellent antioxidant. This means that taking it in its right portion can help minimize the skin damage that is caused by acne inflammation. The fact that it is dairy free means that it …

Coconut Oil For Acne Treatment

mortar-pestel2Although modern medicine has provided many new and complex chemicals and compounds for every use under the sun, it is still believed by many that older ‘household’ remedies still do the trick for fighting a myriad of ailments. Some of these are simple everyday items which have proven themselves through the ages to combat everything from athlete’s foot to sore teeth to headaches.

One of these things to have shown some great potential and that every home should never be without is, believe it or not, coconut oil. Coconut oil has a lot of benefits. This oil focus not only on the outer surface of the human body but as well as the inside, coconut oil can be orally consumed. This can also be used for cooking. It is known to promote beauty and good health. Coconut oil is organic, that is why it is very good for the human’s health if it sued moderately and as prescribed. In fact, coconut oil is widely used is making cosmetics, soap, margarine and other snack food

A lot of people nowadays have tried using coconut oil as a treatment for acne. As we all know, acne is such a dreaded skin condition that lowers down one’s self-esteem. It’s quite embarrassing to go out of your house with those entire disgusting tiny red pimple on your face. Coconut oil seems to be an effective treatment for acne because it is runnier and thinner as compared to the usual olive oil.

You may ask why is coconut oil good for acne treatment? Well, basically, coconut oil is purely made of lauric acid. This is known to be a very good anti-bacterial agent as well as anti-viral and antifungal. The properties found in lauric acid help prevent infections caused by bacteria and helps in fighting acne. Acne is caused by a bacterium known as Propionibacterium Acnes.

burn-fat-with-fat-graphic-1Coconut oil is also known for its cooling properties, that is why it is also good for acne. It relieves redness and inflammation in the skin caused brought about by acne. It also resembles natural oils produced by the human skin. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by skin giving more protection against the rays of the sun.

Some people would say that after a day of using coconut oil, they noticed that their skin became worst. But this should not alarm you. This is part of the treatment process wherein the oil draws out all the toxins under your skin and all the impurities that are clogging your pores. This breakout doesn’t last long and should yield better results after several days.

Coconut oil is very versatile and in almost every aspect of our lives, this oil sure serves a good source to it. It offers a lot of benefits that can make you look and good and feel good about yourself. Using coconut oil is a treatment for acne is a great alternative for chemical based treatment. It is purely natural thus creating no damage to your skin. A new solution to acne treatment already exists today. Acne No More, an ebook for treating acne permanently, is developed by Mike Walden. Impossible? Well, we’ll soon find out.
In the book, you will find steps on how to do something about it.

The concept of natural blocks in the body is also introduced along with ways on how to naturally expel them from the body. The steps are not rocket science, it’s all about eating the right amount and kind of food, being properly hydrated and getting enough sleep. The book also suggests trying to go every day without wallowing much on stressful events. External factors such as pollution and other harmful substances are also discussed extensively.

acne-no-more-review-is-it-worth-your-time-money-3-638Mike Walden is a medical researcher. But, what you don’t know is that he also suffered from acne for many years. His acne condition was so severe that the whole surface area of his was full of pimples. He didn’t have any social life anymore because he chose to pull away from people because of the embarrassment he felt with his acne. Due to his desperation to make his pimples go away, he tried all the acne treatments available, bought all of them without thinking of the price. However, not one of them was successful. He realized he was wasting his money on such ineffective products and he wanted to stop. So, he decided to find a cure for his acne. Finally, after several years of extensive trial-and-error experimentation, he has developed the treatment program perfect for curing acne permanently. He used this program to cure his own acne, and now, he got his social life back. His face is already acne-free.

The book is a little bit long and may be a little overwhelming for you to read. But, believe me, you will not regret having read this long guide. You will even be thankful for it. All the information about acne is already written in this ebook. It is very comprehensive and detailed, plus, it is written in a layman language so you will be able to fully understand it easily. You will be taught by the program in a step-by-step manner, so you will be able to follow the instructions correctly. Mike Walden also provides you with charts and checklists to help you track yourself of the program.

The book also tells you the truth about the reasons why conventional acne treatments fail. One of the reasons why they fail is that they only use a one-dimensional approach. They only attack a specific aspect that affects and causes the acne. Meaning, they ignore the other factors causing the problem. They can make the symptoms go away, but not the acne, itself. That’s why your acne keeps on coming back. Mike Walden’s Acne no more, on the other hand, uses a holistic and multidimensional approach. It sees the problem as a whole. Then, it eliminates all the factors causing the acne, leaving no cause behind. That’s why …

How To Make Green Tea Toner For Acne

hqdefaultGet perfect complexion now

If there is something that will scare any teenager it is acne. The word alone is something that can give any teenager nightmares and they will try almost anything to get rid of it to look their best.

Ask any teenager and they are always most hit my acne when they are going on a date, going to a big party, every time they want to look their best, pimples, spot, blackheads appear out of nowhere.
Many remedies have been old as the ultimate solution for acne, and just as many remedies has failed, acne is as much a part of growing up as betting taller. But it does not have to be like that, you can do something about acne, you can use a green tea toner for acne.

Green tea is known all over the holistic world for the health properties, it has been used in Asia for weight loss, clearing your skin, and many other things.

It is a remedy that will aid in getting your face to glow and make your skin look great. Making your confidence grow and make you feel a lot better. This remedy is also mentioned in Mike Walden’s acne no more. The doctors will often tell you it is all a part of growing up and it will disappear, but it will not do anything for you, and many of the medications you are able to use are not as effective as they should be.

green-tea-herbalThe ingredients

Green tea is widely used in many forms of skincare products and you can actually make some of it yourself, you just have to have the right ingredients and then you are half way there. Most of the ingredients you can find at your local store, and the rest you will be able to find at your local health store and fortunately for you it will not cost you a lot, so there is no excuse for you not to try and see if a green tea tonic will work for you.
You of course need a good green tea and you need to boil it, then you strain it and keep it in an airtight container. Store it in the fridge and you apply it to your skin twice a day, the tea alone will give you some relief from your acne, it will clean your skin and reduce bacteria. You will also find the blotches and other imperfections will be reduced when you use this remedy.

jar of honey

jar of honey

You can also make your green tea toner with more ingredients, you can honey to your green tea, you can also add essential oils and baking soda.

The honey in the solution will work to reduce stress on your skin, and essential oils like aloe vera will also aid to reduce bacteria and tighten up the skin. If you add baking soda to the solution, then you are adding an ingredient that will work like an exfoliator, it will help you to shed the dead skin particles on your face that is definitely not doing anything for your complexion

But there are more things you can do apart from just using a toner to try and fix your skin. Living right is just as important as taking care of your skin. Avoiding fatty foods like anything that is deep fried is important, it will sure make your face breakout and give you pimples, it is also a food that is so full of the wrong kinds of oils and it will give your body a kick and put stress on your liver.

37971-Chocolate-CandiesEating sweet things like candy and chocolate is also something that will give your skin help to break out in rashes and get pimples and blackheads. What it exactly is that will make pimples appear
You simply have to avoid it and instead of soft drink plenty of water, it will help your liver to clean your body and make your skin look so much better.

Any of these advice you will also find in Mike Walden’s acne no more, and we are certain they will get you results. Like it has done for many before you.
Many new studies have shown that exercise is also a good way to keep your skin clean, it will help you to keep healthy and an extra benefit is that your body will react to the healthy lifestyle by clearing up your skin, and tightening your skin up.
Eating right is also aa big part of aiding in keeping your skin looking great, make sure you eat right and then you are helping your body to keep your skin free from pimples.
Eating things like fruit and vegetables is something that will definitely help you, it is essential to add it to your diet if you want to see results.
Pro: natural ingredients, easy to come by, have no side effects apart from allergy to ingredients easy to make, will hold for 5 days if refrigerated, can be added quickly.
Cons: some are allergic to green tea, has to be combined with a healthier lifestyle to see big result, has to made every 5 days from scratch.


If you are suffering from acne and you have tried almost anything apart from taking a belt sander to your skin, you should try and make a green tea toner, it will definitely help you like it has helped so many others in your situation. You just ask Mike Walden, the author of the, acne no more book, he will also let you know that the remedies with green tea will do wonders for your skin and help your acne to clear up and make you look great.
It is so easy to make you will have no problem doing it, if you can make a cup of tea, then you can also make your own green tea toner and start to clear up your skin, it is all …

The Amazing Green Tea! A Sure Solution to Stubborn Acne

2EC5FE1400000578-0-image-m-13_1448401489205Acne ranks among the most common skin condition especially amongst those who have reached puberty and beyond. The condition is generally characterized by symptoms that include pimples on the chest, face, back, and shoulders. Cysts and plugged nodules and pores also characterize acne. Depending on the conditions severity, scars can end up being left on your skin. Besides teens, the age group where the condition is most common, acne also affects people even in their fifties and beyond.

Acne needs not to worry you anymore as there is good news! Acne can be treated either using the prescription ointments, over the counter medication or through alternative treatment. For a long time, alternative natural treatments have been reserved for those who don’t like taking the conventional medicine. However, the trend has kept on changing in the near past. More people are discovering that natural methods of treatment are not just an alternative but a sure option. One of the surest natural approaches is through the use of green tea. Mike Walden in his book Acne No More has well elaborated how the green tea herb can be just that acne solution that you have always needed.

Green tea is a very effective solution to acne. There are a number of ways that the herb can be used to deal with this condition that at times can be horrifying. Such methods have different working mechanisms for one’s good.

young-female-drinking-green-tea1. Drinking Green Tea

Through drinking the herb, amazing after effects is noticed within just a couple of days. At least a cup of green tea a day is highly recommended. Through scientific research and clinical studies, drinking a cup of green tea every day has shown a considerable reduction of skin inflammation. Acne majorly comes as a result of skin inflammation and a product that reduces such inflammations scores high in dealing with the condition. Through the powerful green tea antioxidants which are up to a hundred times more potent than vitamin C, the skin will slowly but steadily start to glow once again. In addition to the antioxidants, the herb reduces insulin level, thus reducing the sebum amounts that the skin produces. It also balances hormones thus fighting the hormonal imbalance induced acne.

green-tea-face-mask-600x3412. Topical Application

Green tea is even more effective when used topically. I say it’s more effective as the results will be seen faster than when only drank. However, the healing effects that result from drinking the tea are more permanent than in the case of topical application. The best way of dealing with the condition is therefore through drinking followed by topical application. After enjoying the drink cut open the tea bag, empty the contents in a dish, add some little honey and mix to form a homogenous paste. This paste is applied on the affected areas and left for some 20-30 minutes. Within just a few days, the inflammation will reduce thus soothing your skin.

The green tea leaves, in addition to the antioxidants, is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients known as polyphenolic compounds. These are credited for fighting a wide range of microbes. Drinking and topical application of the tea will, therefore, fight the acne-causing microbes thus reducing acne scars or even acne breakouts in the first place.

green-tea-toner3. Making Toners with Green Tea as an Ingredient

Other than just drinking and applying the fresh green tea, there is also an option of making toners with this great product as an important ingredient. The book Acne No More is more elaborate about this subject. One advantage of making a natural toner is the fact that you can easily apply it at any time without going through the daily hassles of having to make the green tea honey paste. In addition, you will have the product on your skin as you go to work, school or to run your other outdoor errands. The following recipe can be of great help to you.

The ingredients include; a couple of fresh organic green tea leaves and a quarter cup of water. You can either make a green tea essential oil through the distillation process or just boil the leaves. Boil the water, add the leaves and cover the boiling pot immediately the water starts boiling the leaves. Allow some ten minutes for it to seep and then apply on the face by the use of a cotton ball every day just before and after bed. This can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Green-Tea-Face-Mask-Pack-Recipes4. Powder Face Mask

Green tea powder mask comes with enormous benefits for one’s face and the skin as a whole. Your skin will look much smoother and more rejuvenated at a very high speed. With a single spoon of the herb’s powder, gradually add water as you stir till you attain a mask consistency. With the use of a paintbrush having soft bristles, brush the mask on your face and other affected areas. You can always add a little honey in the mask if you like. Leave the mask on the affected areas and wash off after ten minutes with the use of lukewarm water.

Green Tea, a Sure Solution to Acne Scars

Acne skin is a very problematic skin which has proven to be difficult to hide. The after effects, the scars, are even more demoralizing. Acne scars terrify most of us that have them. The good news is that green tea is rich in an active ingredient referred to as ECGC which ranks highest in catechin potency. Catechin is credited for being responsible for the high reduction of acne inflammation and scars especially when applied as a toner.

All in all, through the application of the green tea on the skin, is effective in dealing with the condition, it may just deal with the symptoms rather than working on the root cause of the problem. Drinking the tea is the best solution as it works on balancing the entire system and not just from the skin surface.


Application of …

How Sulfer Cures Your Acne

header-types-of-acne-886x590Acne can be a total bother and a great hindrance to flawless skin. Apart from being generally irritating, the condition can result into low self esteem and stress or depression. Teenagers, and even adults who experience it can suffer social stigma when they are considered less attractive because of the appearance of their skin. Acne is basically a skin condition that occurs when follicles of hair are plugged with dead skin cells and oil. This is what causes pimples that commonly appear on the skin surface and are mostly concentrated on an individual’s face. It’s usually sad to see someone suffering from breakouts and constantly worrying about acne when the condition can be treated. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin of most people, it is important to find the right mode of treatment that will not amplify the condition. Most acne treatments contain sulfur. The element has been used over the years to treat pimples and skin diseases due to its antibacterial properties and also the ability to eliminate dead skin cells and spur the replenishment of new ones. A lot of ointments, creams and face washes contain sulfur as a major component. Like any medication, sulfur has its pros and cons in treating acne. These are some of the benefits and disadvantages of using it in treating skin conditions:

Pros of using sulfur in treating acne

1. Mild antiseptic

Sulfur acts as a mild antiseptic with the ability to disinfect skin. If you have any infection on your skin, it would actually do a good job in killing germs that increase the level of infection. When applied indiscriminately, it can help disinfect those areas of the skin that are otherwise not visible or exposed. It also helps to prevent the spread of bacteria that cause acne.

c2ae6f080bb861de395ff69dc676317c2. Promotes skin cells turnover

Dead skin clogging hair follicles is one of the main causes of acne. Sulfur promotes the shedding of dead skin cells that typically clog the pores and result into breakouts. It is therefore effective in preventing constant pimple attacks. Because of this property, it encourages the growth of new skin cells to replace the dead ones. Eliminating the dead cells also prevents inflammation which is usually caused by blocked pores.

3. Exfoliating dry patches

Dry patches on the skin result into a rough or uneven skin complexion. Sulfur exfoliates the dry patches and other affected areas in order to create a smoother complexion of the skin. This is an important benefit especially for those who would like to restore their skins to their natural complexions. Mike Walden’s acne no more book contains ways in which this can best be achieved since it is one of the major concerns for people who suffer from acne. It’s important to find a treatment method that refines the skin tone as well as texture.

4. Reduces oiliness

An oily skin is very difficult to treat. In fact, oiliness is one of the prime causes of acne. Sulfur helps to reduce this and keeps the skin dry to prevent breakouts and irritation. One common thing with many people who have acne is particularly oily skins, and when this is reduced, the condition is also contained. Some ladies with oily skins experience more pronounced breakouts when menstruating. It is therefore more critical for them to reduce the oiliness.

484502865. Gentle on the skin

Some acne treatment medications cause further skin irritation, leaving you uncomfortable and the skin dehydrated. Sulfur works to remove the excess skin oil while still maintaining its natural glow.

These are some of the benefits that people who use sulfur to treat acne enjoy. They go a long way in easing breakouts and treating the condition altogether. Sulfur is still not without its cons.

Cons of using sulfur to treat acne

Due to the ability of sulfur to cause the skin to dry or flake, its application to treat acne has some side effects.

1. Skin irritation

Sulfur has strong chemical properties and this makes it easily irritate the skin. Using it may cause flaking or itching of the skin, warmth and redness. This happens when the sulfur is working to increase turnover of skin cells and encouraging the release of accumulated oil in the skin pores. If the irritation is too severe, it is necessary to stop using the treatment and find an alternative. This is because your skin may be too sensitive and thus the need to find an alternative. Mike Walden’s acne no more book has some valuable advice for people with sensitive skin looking to treat acne. It’s always nice when you can find a single resource center for all your burning issues.

2. Discoloration of the skin

Sulfur has been known to cause skin discoloration. Since it encourages cell turnover, the affected areas may appear white or grey. If this persists or spreads over a large area, one should stop using the sulfur treatment.

how_to_get_rid_of_smelly_feet_3753. Unpleasant smell

This is common with sulfur or products that contain sulfur. The unpleasant smell can sometimes be nauseating and may also cause headaches. If you find the smell very irritating or if the odor causes you frequent headaches, you should find an alternative treatment. Some people also experience allergic reactions when they apply sulfur on their faces. The reactions can be mild, like having a minor skin rash, or severe, like difficulty in breathing and facial swelling. Using sulfur to treat acne may not be ideal for you if you experience these types of allergic reactions.

Many people get frustrated when they suffer acne breakouts because they imagine that the condition cannot be treated or is extremely difficult to contain. That should not be the case because it is very much possible to treat acne and have flawless skin. Smooth skin does a lot to your self confidence, and the fact that you don’t have to worry about irritating pimples and itches is an added bonus. Many people do not have access to valuable resources on the …

How Stress Causing Your Acne

stress-level-statisticsAcne is the mainly caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. Stress can make the body produce excess hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol is predominant in the people experiencing hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, menopause and puberty. Cortisol can lead to suppression of the body immune system, which leads a formation of Propionibacterium acne- a type of acne that results from slow-growing bacteria.

Stress can lead to excess sweating that is the primary cause of acne. There is a misconception that sweat removes toxins from the body. The sweat glands excrete sweat that contains fatty materials, salt, and cellular waste. The salt excreted by the sweat glands can lead to the clogging of the pores that favour the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Moreover, stress can lead to overworking of adrenal glands. In this case, the adrenal glands can produce androgen in excess levels leading to acne breakouts. If you really want to stop your acne forever you can download Mike Walden’s acne no more book for better reference.

Tips to lower stress

Lowering the stress levels play a significant role in reducing the breakouts of acne on your skin. Here are tips to consider for reducing the stress levels.


#1. Take a yoga class

Yoga is not only helpful in keeping the body shape but also coping with the stress and lowering of inflammation. The study shows that yoga experts experienced less inflammation than yoga novices when exposed to same stressors.


#2. Get more sleep

Getting enough sleep does not only make you look better but also reduce the stress levels. Poor sleep can make you feel stressed throughout the day. The study shows that people chronic stress have reduced sleep quality. On the other people who sleep less are reported to have more stress. In this case, lack of adequate can lead to a breakout of acne on the skin. Therefore, you should sleep at least 7 hours each night to cope with the stress.

College admissions counselor or therapist interviews teen student. It's going well.

College admissions counselor or therapist interviews teen student.

#3. Talk therapy

Talk therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is the best way to easing symptoms of stress. In this case, the patient talks with a physiotherapist about the patient’s problem. They will work together to correct the distorted or negative thinking patterns. Various talk therapies include; cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical, and group therapy. All types of talk therapy have one thing in common- help patients deal to negative thoughts and make positive changes to cope with daily stress.

Benefits of regular exercise

Benefits of regular exercise

#4. Do exercise

The main reason for doing exercise is to reduce the level of cortisol in the body. High level of cortisol is linked to inflammation of the skin, which eventually lead to acne. Doing a lot of exercises burns cortisol thus making us healthier and happier. Moreover, exercise stimulates the pituitary glands to release endorphins that make us feel good.

The centre for disease control recommends doing muscle-strengthening activities at least 2 hours every week. These activities work out all the main muscles in the body hence relieving stress in the body. Doing a moderate walk for 10 minutes three times daily for five days will amount to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity.


#5. Laugh louder and often

It is a common fact that laughter is the best medicine for stress. The study conducted by a particular university found out the participants who watched a funny video experienced decreased levels of stress hormones- epinephrine and cortisol. It was discovered that laughter lead to increase in endorphins- neurotransmitters that boost mood and relieve stress.

Laughter does not only help deal with stress but also ease the physical pain as well. It was found out that laughter raises tolerance for pain by stimulating the release of endorphins. Therefore, it is important to engage in activities that encourage laughter such as watching funny videos, going to comedy theatres, etc.


#6. Get massage

According to the study, massage helps relax the muscles and impact the levels of hormones in a positive way. A 45-minute massage can help ease the stress by reducing the levels of cortisol and vasopressin. Cortisol is a stress hormone while vasopressin is believed to lead to aggressive behaviour. Therefore, it is important to get a massage on a regular basis to lower the stress levels.


#7. Social bonding

Oxytocin, also known as cuddle hormone, which is involved in social bonding, can help reduce the level of stress. Oxytocin is produced in brain’s hypothalamus and transferred to the pituitary gland, then released to the blood stream.

Several studies have shown that social bonding can significantly help relieve stress. The research conducted on animals shows that isolation can lead to increased levels of stress. However, the stress was decreased by injecting the animal with oxytocin.

The body naturally produces this hormone during breastfeeding and sex. Also, this hormone is released during the physical contact, such as a hug. According to the study, playing with your dog can also help boost oxytocin levels.

#8. Eat these foods

Choosing the right food can help manage the stress levels. The following are foods you should eat to lower the stress levels in the body.

Dark chocolate: it contains antioxidants that help lower stress levels as well as cholesterol and blood pressure hence boosting your mood. Consume a maximum of 1 to 2 ounces of chocolate daily.

Omega-3 fatty acids: food such as avocados, salmon, tuna, sardines, and herring help lower stress. Eat at least two servings of fish each week, where each serving is 3.5 ounces. If you don’t like fish, eat flaxseeds, walnuts, and chia seeds instead.

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges and strawberries contain vitamin C that helps relieve stress. Men require 90mg of vitamin C daily, while women require 75mg daily. Therefore, you should eat once cup of oranges that contains 95mg of vitamin C. other good sources of vitamin C include baked potatoes, red and green pepper, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, and broccoli.

#8. Use Mike Walden’s acne

7 Yoga Poses To Fade Acne Scars

We all know how acne can be distressing, not only because they are painful but also because acne leaves hideous scars that do not go away. Acne does appear on your skin or even your face as a result of grime and dirt that is blocking the pores on your skin. This build up occurs whenever the oil secreted by your sebaceous glands combine with the dust from the atmosphere on your skin. Acne can be treated in several ways including drinking water and having a good diet comprising of greens and fruits. However, one of the best treatments of acne is yoga. Yoga is beneficial to improve blood circulation as well as to relax skin muscles. Yoga is an excellent way to revitalize your mind and body. Regular practice of yoga can help a great deal with skin problems. A lot of these health benefits and how to treat acne can be found in Mike Walden’s Acne no more book.



1. Uttanasana

This yoga pose is also called as the “standing forward bend.”. To do this pose, you stand straight, keep your hands positioned on your hips and then breathe in. When you breathe out-bend your hip slowly and place your hands on the floor next to your feet. Your feet should be put parallel to each other. Your torso should also be extended forward by listing your tail bone even further. The fold you make should come from your hip joint. Release your tailbone and return to the original posture then gradually the standing position. The Uttanasana helps to increase blood circulation to your head, neck and face. It will help balance your hormones and relax the facial muscles that have an impact on your skin.


2. Janu sirsasana

To do the Janu, also known as the head-to-knee-forward-bend, sit down on the floor on a folded blanket with your legs extended wide. Bend the right knee and draw your heels backward. Bend your right knee, inhale then draw your heel back towards the groins, you should rest the right foot against the left thigh your outer leg should lay on the floor. Turn your torso to the left and exhale.. repeat the processes on the other side and resume to the original position.


3. Viparita Karani

The legs-up-the-wall pose is also known as the inverted lake and is well recognized for a broad range of benefits including anti-aging effects. It has a restorative nature of getting blood to flow to the body parts that needs it. To do the pose, sit sideways opposite your wall and raise your legs up the wall gently. With your palms facing upwards, stretch your arms onto your sides. Rest your shoulders as well as your head on the floor comfortably. Focus on the breathing, take a deep breath and close your eyes. This pose will increase blood flow to your face and the facial muscles thus helping to arrest free radicals and also eliminate toxins. It also increases oxygen supply to your face.


4. Salamba Sarvangasana

Many variations of the salamba exist, and the most common taught is the supported shoulder-stand. To do this yoga pose, lie on your back with your hands under your mid-back. Your legs and the lower body should be lifted such that the weight of the body is supported by your upper arms, shoulders, necks and the head. The gaze you have should be towards your toes and the traverse line, and the sagittal of your head is perpendicular to your mid-frontal line of your body. With this position, you can stretch your neck and body easily. It also increases blood supply to your head; this will relax your facial muscles, increase oxygen supply to your face and also eliminate toxins from your skin.


5. Kapalbhati

Is the breathing exercise. Anyone can perform this yoga pose. The focus of this pose is to breath out in a particular way. One breathes in normally but breathes out with force. The breathing power is such that the person taking the yoga pose can manage to do it consciously for a given time. The speed of breathing is crucial when doing the kapalbhati. You should breathe out each second according to your breathing technique. The aim of this pose is to remove the carbon dioxide from your body and to purify the blood making your skin healthy. This pose is beneficial for individuals with pimples.


6. pavan muktasana

The pavana is well known for releasing intestinal gas. This pose is simple and easy to perform. All you need to do is press the thighs and the knees against your belly and chest. Hold this position for about 3 to 5 minutes. This pose will reduce depression and stress and is also good for your stomach. It will help cure acne and pimples on your face. It is one of the best poses for acne.


7. trikonasana

Also known as the “three feet” or “the triangle poses”. To do the trikonasana, keep your feet apart and raise your arms parallel to the ground from a standing position. Exhale and stretch your arms to reach out to the sides of your palms. Turn the right foot out and the left foot slightly to form a 90 degrees angle. Turn the right thigh outward and align your heel while centering the right knee with your right ankle. Bend from the hip and exhale while extending your torso over the right leg. Rotate your torso to the left and exhale while you rest the right hand outside your right foot on the floor. Inhale then come back to the original standing position after you hold up for a minute. This yoga pose is good, helps you to reduce stress and also boosts your blood circulation to your face. You will get a glowing skin.


Yoga will always help you obtain healthy glow on your face because it improves blood circulation on your face. When you take …

The Miracle of Broccoli in Acne Treatment

Understanding Acne

broccoliAs many people may have now released, acne is more than a medical condition. It has deep emotional effects that might cause people to be depressed or even isolated. It is a common skin condition that happens around puberty age for both boys and girls, even if experts believe that is more common with boys than girls. Acne comes in various degrees from mild, to medium to severe. A mild or a medium acne will usually disappear by itself, while a severe acne needs medical intervention to reduce its potential of leaving a scar on your face. Since acne can affect the way people feel about themselves, it should be treated before it gets so severe to leave a scar.If you are suffering from mild or sever type acne the best thing you can do is download Mike Walden’s Acne no more book it’s one the effective step by step guide to clear your acne in 7 days.

Myths and facts about acne

There is a lot of myth surrounding the causes and treatments of acne. People mistakenly think that a long exposure to the sun helps to clear acne very quickly, while scientists argue that long exposure to the sun rays do aggravate acne by clogging up the skin pores. However, the biggest part of myths is centered around foods. People usually weave their stories about certain foods as being skin-friendly and others as causing skin problems, like acne. Broccoli is one vegetable that has been praised for its ability to treat acne. Below are the pros and cons of using broccoli for acne.


People looking for a practical guide to treat acne with no medical intervention might find Mike Walden’s book Acne No More interesting. It was received with lots of enthusiasm and anticipation by people suffering from acne. Walden presents his step-by-step program of healing acne using-among other things- fruits and vegetables. Broccoli figures in his recommended list.

A good source of Vitamin A &C

Vitamin-A-BenefitsBroccoli is an ideal food to eat in order to boost the quality of your skin. It contains Vitamin A & C, both of which are acne-fighting. Vitamin A is a power vitamin for the skin. It eliminates dead skin cells and prevents them from clogging the pores of the skin. It also reduces the amount of oil on your skin. Moreover, Vitamin A prevents the oxidation of fats and lowers the risk of inflammation. Vitamin C is also important to fight acne. Severe acne that lasts for more than 5 years get very dark, which is an indication of vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is essential for your scar to heal. The dark spots of acne might get worse as a result of stress. In either case, whether your acne refuses to heal because of Vitamin C deficiency or stress, broccoli is a good source of Vitamin C. A regular intake of one cup a day of broccoli is highly recommended for long term results. It helps to fight skin damage commonly associated with the sun and pollution.


TopAntiInflammatoryFoodsEven though it is not common with all acne patients, inflammation can get quite serious as a result of acne. Broccoli is rich in phytonutrients, such as sulforaphane. These elements are anti-inflammatory and work in your body to fight carcinogenic compounds. Scientists have found that the sulforaphane found in broccoli and many other cruciferous vegetables prevent joint destruction and inhibits inflammation. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin K, which slows the development of osteoarthritis. Again, to prevent osteoarthritis, broccoli must be taken in high amounts in orderto guarantee maximum results.

Low Glycemic index

Broccoli is rich in fibers and has a very low Glycemic level. The consumption of broccoli does not increase the glucose level in the bloodstream. A high induction of glucose into the blood is likely to bring about an acne breakout. A good intake of broccoli every day reduces two types of acne: acne vulgaris which is caused by comedones and acne conglobata that causes cysts to form on the skin and leads to acne scarring.


Increases red blood cells

red-blood-cellsBroccoli is a good source of B-5 and pantothenic acid. The abundance of these elements in Broccoli stimulate the creation of red blood cells, which boosts the quality and texture of your skin. Moreover, B-5 and pantothenic acid are very effective to decrease anxiety level, which in turns slows the progression of acne. An increased amount of red blood cells is beneficial for the internal functioning of the body, but also for the outside of the body, namely the skin. The good thing about Broccoli is that you can take as much as you want, with no fear of side effects.

Reduces the accumulation of Toxins in the body

A regular consumption of broccoli inhibits the accumulation of toxins and prevents the appearance of acne. The accumulation of toxins in the body stimulates the progression of acne. The presence of sulforaphane in Broccoli (a compound which fights cancer) is effective also to kill toxins and lowers oxidative stress, two main causes of acne.



Broccoli is generally safe to eat. There are generally no side effects associated with Broccoli. The only problem reported as a result of eating problem is gas and stomach irritation. It is very high in fiber (2.64 g of fiber per cup). Vegetables with high fiber level might disturb your digestive system, leading to gassiness. Alternatively referred to as flatulence. If in your first week of consuming broccoli you experience any change in your digestive functions, it would be wise to seek help from health professionals. However, a part from gassiness and stomach irritation broccoli has no side effects on your health.



It is always good to treat acne before it is too late. For mild and medium acne, Broccoli can have miraculous effects. The variety of vitamins present in Broccoli and its anti-inflammatory nature make it a good choice to reduce the progression of acne. Because it is …

How To Use Ice Cubes For Acne Scars

9270774-Close-up-view-of-the-ice-cubes-in-water-Stock-PhotoWhen dead skin cells, dirt, and any other toxic substances clog the pores, oil gets trapped under the skin, causing bacterial infections. This result in acne breakouts on neck, chest, face, and back.

Acne is arises from over-production of the sebum – natural oil of the skin that’s triggered by the poor diet, hormonal imbalances, medications, poor hygiene, and some other factors. Nearly everybody will experience acne scars at some point in their lives, though, that does not make it less humiliating.

This can be due to cysts which formed beneath the skin or when the collagen under the skin’s surface has been destroyed due to inflammation. When situated on the face, the scars are usually more visible and usually more humiliating.

There are techniques used dermatologist to remove acne scars, but there are also at-home techniques which may produce the required results.

Acne is not only painful but also distressing. It’s usually characterized by red pimples that often occur on the face predominantly on teenagers.

Even more humiliating are the pimple marks and scars which are left behind after the pimples have healed well. Those scars will always remind you of the humiliation pain you went through when you’re battling acne.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that majority of these scars will fade away in the next few months. These pimple marks and acne scars shouldn’t make you feel helpless since there are some things which you can do to remove them and thus, preventing any further hyperpigmentation.

Luckily, you can remove acne permanently and for all using an easy, natural home remedy which does not come with unnecessary side effects or costly tag. It is ice along with that you can download Mike Walden’s Acne no more Book which is our No 1# recommended acne treatment guide. We are about to inform you how to use as an effective treatment for acne.

How to Remove Acne Scars Quickly with Ice

Step 1

First and foremost, wash your face using a mild cleanser, rinse with some warm water, and then pat dry with a clean towel. Don’t scrub firmly as this might spreads bacteria to some other pores.

Place the ice cubes in a clean towel or plastic bag. Wrap some ice cubes with the washcloth. Avoid using the ice directly on your skin to prevent any damage to the skin from the frostbite.

Step 2

Rub the acne-scarred part of your skin with the ice for 10-15 minutes. This will assist to contract the skin and even tighten the pores. This treatment works perfectly for hypertrophic and atrophic scarring that are at or right under the skin’s surface.

If your acne scars are the ‘ice pick’ scars (deep scars with the steep edges), this process won’t have much impact.

Step 3

Repeat daily for 10-15 minutes. Regular use should assist to lower inflammation. The ice won’t really remove the scars, but this treatment will assist in decreasing redness and boosting the appearance of the scar.

Remember, ice can be used single-handedly and in a combination with some other natural ingredients which heal and also prevent any acne breakouts. Try all the techniques below until you discover one which works well for you.

1. Ice Cube Massage

-Wash your face with gentle cleanser, rinse with some warm water, and then pat dry.

-Gently massage your whole face with an ice cube,while rubbing in circular motions.

-Once the ice has finally melted, then pat skin dry.

-Apply topical acne treatment products which have benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

-Repeat three times every day.

86458747multanimitti1451737524_14525070632. Ice Pack with the Multani Mitti Paste

This paste removes toxins from the pores and kills bacteria.

-Wash your face with a mild cleanser, rinse with some warm water, and then pat dry.

-Don’t exfoliate, as this could spread bacteria to some other pores.

-Mix one teaspoon of the sandalwood powder, one teaspoon of a fresh lemon juice, and adequate multani mitti or the fuller’s earth to prepare the paste.

-Apply paste to the breakouts and then leave on till dry while it shrinks the size of a pimple and prevents new breakouts.

-Use an ice cube to massage softly in the circular motion for five minutes.

-Wait for five minutes again, then massage with ice for the next five minutes.

-Wash your face with clean water and dry it well.

-Repeat every day to get rid of the pimples.

img_000723. Lemon Juice Popsicles

Lemon juice often kills bacteria which cause acne, and also it bleaches away the acne scars.

-Mix the juice of four lemons with two cups of water.

-Pour into the ice tray and freeze.

-Wash your face with the gentle cleanser, rinse with some warm water, and then pat dry.

-Use lemon popsicles to massage the skin, while rubbing in circular motions and concentrating on breakouts.

-Once the ice has finally melted, wait five minutes, rinse with some cool water, and then pat dry.

-Apply sunblock in case you go outside immediately after using this kind of treatment.

-For extra benefit, mix two tablespoons of any raw honey into lemon-water before freezing.

-Honey relieves inflammation, kills bacteria, and eventually moisturizes skin.

Tip: If you’re looking for an affordable, natural solution to remove the acne marks, then we would highly recommend going with the Mike Walden’s Acne No More System. In this program, you will discover step-by-step guidance for removing acne scars without any creams, lotion or pills.

Pros of using ice cubes on acne

1. Ice relieves itching, pain, and burning.

2. It shrinks the acne pores, and by extension, the breakout size.

3. Ice decreases swelling, redness, and inflammation.

4. With consistent application, ice keeps the pores tiny, so they are unlikely to get clogged. It also makes skin smoother and firmer.

5. It washes away dead skin cells, dirt, and any other impurities which clog pores.

6. It decreases the size of skin pores by contracting the blood vessels beneath the skin. Smaller, and tighter pores mean bacteria are unlikely …

Does High Estrogen Levels Causing Your Acne?

estrogen-fluctuationHow Does Estrogen Causes Acne?

The relationship between acne and estrogen is a bit complicated since hormone variations in the typical female menstrual cycle can cause acne at various times.

Low estrogen levels and proportionally greater levels of the androgen hormones usually cause estrogen-linked cystic acne.

Hormone imbalances which reduce estrogen levels or increase androgen levels will raise the possibility of acne formation.

This is because they raise the amount of oil produced by sebaceous glands under the surface of the skin. Birth control pills can also reduce pain from some extreme acne since they carefully maintain the androgen and estrogen levels in the bloodstream.

Androgens are the major hormone-related cause of acne in several women. These hormones are what trigger the sebaceous glands to generate an oily substance called sebum.

Excess of this substance can usually become stuck in the pores, offering a breeding ground for the common skin bacteria which multiply under the surface of the skin.

Once the bacteria have reproduced, they can frequently cause inflammation that results in cystic acne. Estrogen can mask or cancel out the effects of androgens on the body.

High levels of estrogen and the acne occur at different times in a normal menstrual cycle. During the first half of any cycle, before ovulation takes place, estrogen levels progressively increase. Not only does this lower the impacts of the androgens in the body, but it also decreases the occurrence of acne.

The body attains its estrogen’s maximum level right before the ovulation, after which the levels of estrogen progressively taper off. Acne often rises after ovulation in the period referred to as the luteal phase, and it becomes horrible just before menstruation.

During the luteal phase of cycle, progesterone, a hormone which possesses both androgen-like and estrogen-like properties, gradually increases.

Progesterone fluctuations can raise fluid and bloating levels that in turn squeeze the pores on your face. This reduction in the size of pore usually worsens the acne symptoms since it further limits the ability of the body to clear away the extra oil.

Top 7 Tips To Lower Estrogen Levels In Your Body

Estrogen in our bodies rises due to many reasons: too much stress, lack of sleep, and poor eating habits.

Though there are signs and symptoms of high levels of estrogen for both men and women, the best way to actually know what your hormone levels are is to carry out a hormone test. There are many ways of conducting this including saliva tests, blood tests, and urine tests.

Here are some tips for lowering estrogen levels and maintain healthy hormonal balance.


1. Eat Some Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables like kales, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, maca, and much more are filled with some incredibly favorable compounds to reduce your estrogen levels.


2. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Drinking excess alcohol can damage liver function. Since estrogen is usually by the liver, any failure of the liver because too much alcohol consumption may result in increased levels of estrogen.

It’s best to reduce one’s drinking to single glass daily or even less. Women who’re experiencing estrogen dominance now must quit drinking alcohol right away.

Benefits of regular exercise

Benefits of regular exercise

3. Regular Exercises

Research reveal that engaging in modest to high-intensity exercises frequently can assist to lower high estrogen levels.

Instead of reducing your training to stretching or any other sedentary activities, be more active and start running, walking, or jogging. This will not only boost your general health but also lower your estrogen levels.

If you need more guidance, you can download Mike Walden’s Acne no more book. In this program, you will discover step-by-step guidance for removing acne without any creams, lotion or pills. The program tries to reduce the level of estrogen as much as possible and achieve healthy hormonal balance.


4. Eat more fiber

To make sure total removal of estrogen, you should avoid constipation. If you don’t have frequent bowel movements, estrogen may get re-circulated back into your body. Fiber is found in different plant foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Women require at least 25 grams daily. If you’re starting from zero (I hope not!), try to increase intake of fiber gradually to avoid abdominal pain and gas. You should drink extra water when you increase fiber.

Girl sitting on the rock by the peaceful sea at sunset.

Girl sitting on the rock by the peaceful sea at sunset.

5. Reduce your stress levels

High levels of stress result in inflammation that raises the activity of aromatase. Some quick-stress relievers include exercise, getting more sleep, and deep breathing.

Effective time management can assist as well. Don’t overbook yourself, or even your children. Get in the habit of saying �No.’ Take enough time for yourself. Once you manage yourself, everything else will follow.


6. Eat less processed foods

Besides simply being a general negative to your health, packaged or processed foods are often made with inexpensive oils (soybean, corn, and safflower).

These oils are mostly high in omega-6 fatty acids that also promote inflammation. As we learned from the tip above (#5), inflammation raises aromatase activity.

Highly processed foods include things such as packaged desserts, microwavable meals, fast foods, Velveta cheese, sugary cereals, squeezable cheese, Cool Whip, margarine, and several packaged crackers and snacks.


7. Have Sulfur Foods

Foods which contain sulfur help in liver detoxification. It can both get rid of toxins like pesticides and medications which impair the liver.

Therefore, it raises the efficiency of the organ in filtering toxic substances from the blood. These foods include green vegetables, onions, egg yolks, and garlic. Other foods include lemon, limes, spinach and the leafy greens.


Estrogen balance is important for achieving and also maintaining fat loss. In men and premenopausal women, excess estrogen -a condition known as estrogen dominance -causes toxic fat gain, bloating, water retention, and a host of many other health and wellness problems.

Though there’s still plenty of research to be carried out on this topic, almost all of these tips are very beneficial for other health reasons as well. …